The WEF Says You Need a Digital Identity

I saw this infographic on reddit, then found the original source here. I mean, does no one see that they are saying the quiet part out loud? The WEF (a bunch of unelected elitists) want to require every human on the planet have a digital identity so that:

  • You can access healthcare and treatments and so “they” can monitor your health devices and wearables.
  • You can open a bank account and conduct financial transactions.
  • The food you want to eat can be monitored and tracked.
  • You can book vacations and transit country and region (?) borders.
  • You can access services during a humanitarian response.
  • You can shop or conduct business.
  • So that “they” can monitor your social interactions on social platforms and you can access third party services that require a log on.
  • You can access government services, vote, get government benefits, file taxes, etc.
  • You can own and use communication devices and so that service providers can monitor your devices and data on their networks.
  • “They” can monitor devices and usage of energy, traffic, etc.

WTF did I just read? My every breath will be tracked? My every purchase will be tracked and scrutinized? I can’t get healthcare, buy food, drive a car, or vote without someone else being able to monitor these things (and shut down my ability to do such things if “they” determine I am not following the party line). Remember when the Canadian government shut down people’s bank accounts if they supported the trucker’s strike?

At this point, I would rather follow in the steps of Titus, Rob, Ariel, and Aaron than participate in this dystopian nightmare.