2021 Daily Insight

12/31/2021  2022 Preparedness Calendar
12/30/2021  The Deep State and Its Tentacles
12/29/2021  The Covid Narrative is Insane and Illogical
12/28/2021  Have Balls Like John Wayne
12/27/2021  Perimeter Protection
12/26/2021  Organic Prepper: Top 10 Posts of 2021
12/25/2021  Smart Self Defense: Knowing When to Shoot and When Not To
12/24/2021  Build a Keyhole Garden
12/23/2021  Are Apple Air Tags Being Used to Track People and Steal Cars?
12/22/2021  Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand
12/21/2021  The Best Prepper Christmas Gifts
12/20/2021  The Manly Art of Hospitality
12/19/2021  David Goggins Wrote the Game Plan for Peak Performance
12/18/2021  We’re Destroying Ourselves from Within
12/17/2021  What Thieves Are Learning from Your Bumper Stickers
12/16/2021  Frostbite
12/15/2021  End of Year Financial Checklist
12/14/2021  Covid Info That’s Been Banned Everywhere Else
12/13/2021  Thieves are Using Air Tags to Follow Cars
12/12/2021  The Surveillance State Has a Naughty List And You’re On It
12/11/2021  Preparedness Skills Everyone Should Know
12/10/2021  10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know
12/9/2021  Early Sowings for Early Harvest
12/8/2021  Fleeing Global Warming?
12/7/2021  Essential Emergency Supplies
12/6/2021  Survival and Preparedness Library
12/5/2021  Safe Gardening Methods
12/4/2021  Which Message Apps are the Most FBI-Proof
12/3/2021  Shooting Drills: The Ultimate List
12/2/2021  Rescuing a Hostage in Under a Minute
12/1/2021  How to Make a Snow Shelter
11/30/2021  5 Fitness Benchmarks
11/29/2021  Domestic Violence Escape Plan
11/28/2021  Security Guides
11/27/2021  Survival Heuristics
11/26/2021  Illegal Life Pro Tips
11/25/2021  Thanksgiving 2021
11/24/2021  How to Live Life Without Technology
11/23/2021  25 Survival and Safety Tips
11/22/2021  How to Hide from a Drone
11/21/2021  How Digital ID Will Control Your Life
11/20/2021  All About Bartering
11/19/2021  Securing Your Digital Life  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
11/18/2021  How to Hang a Bear Bag
11/17/2021  Build a Patio Couch Out of Pallets
11/16/2021  Black Ice Driving Tips
11/15/2021  Make Your Home Impenetrable
11/14/2021  Raising Your Own Beef
11/13/2021  Suburban Defense
11/12/2021  What to Do If You Are Trapped in a Surging Crowd
11/11/2021  5 Facts About Veterans Day
11/10/2021  Make Your Own Firestarters
11/9/2021  Feudalism 2.0
11/8/2021  Winter Camping: How to Survive in the Cold
11/7/2021  The Ultimate Survival Food List
11/6/2021  The Sovietization of America
11/5/2021  The Army is Learning How to Fight Drones
11/4/2021  Untraceable  Communications Is Here
11/3/2021  How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports
11/2/2021  Off-Grid Battery Options
11/1/2021  Simple Solar Power Set-Up
10/31/2021  How to Store Emergency Food for the Long-Term
10/30/2021  75 Uses for Baking Soda
10/29/2021  How Drones Will Change War Forever
10/28/2021  2021: Downloadable Preparedness Library
10/27/2021  The Poor Man’s Duel Fuel Hiking Stove
10/26/2021  How to Survive a Blizzard
10/25/2021  Rainwater Harvesting for Beginners
10/24/2021  How to Prepare for Power Outages
10/23/2021  How to Protect Your Online Privacy
10/22/2021  6 Ways to Safely Store Your Cash
10/21/2021  Winter Preparation Checklist for Your Home
10/20/2021  Keeping Kids Safe in a Home With Guns
10/19/2021  The Specter of One World Government Looms Large
10/18/2021  Take a Winter Walk
10/17/2021  Survival Skills for Kids
10/16/2021  How to Start a Homestead From Scratch
10/15/2021  Prepping 101
10/14/2021  How to Camp in the Winter Without Dying
10/13/2021  Concealing Your Guns
10/12/2021  Food Security 101  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
10/11/2021  How to Look Behind You (Without Looking Behind You)
10/10/2021  Lessons in Moneyless Living
10/9/2021  How to Store Food in Buckets for a Long Shelf Life
10/8/2021  How to Reload Ammo
10/7/2021  Is the Economy Being Crashed on Purpose
10/6/2021  The $1 Garden
10/5/2021  How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shelter
10/4/2021  14 Things to Remove From Your Medicine Cabinet
10/3/2021  Knowing When to Shoot and When Not To
10/2/2021  Getting Ready for Just in Case
10/1/2021  How to Clean a Well
9/30/2021  The Fourth Branch of the US Government
9/29/2021  The Great Reset is Accelerating Global Tyranny
9/28/2021  What are the Pros Doing During the Ammo Shortage?
9/27/2021  Power Up!
9/26/2021  The Mindset and Tactics of a Battle-Ready Warrior
9/25/2021  Three Actionable Tips on How to Get Out of Dodge
9/24/2021  DIY Water Filtration System
9/23/2021  Public Health Officials Say Trust Us, the Data Says Otherwise
9/22/2021  The Prospects for Soft Secession in America
9/21/2021  Grow Your Own Seeds
9/20/2021  Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families
9/19/2021  How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs
9/18/2021  September is National Preparedness Month
9/17/2021  The Great Depression–A Reminiscence
9/16/2021  Four-Bay Compact Composting
9/15/2021  You are Being Tempered for Tougher Battles
9/14/2021  How to Get Started in Rock Climbing
9/13/2021  How to Take a Punch
9/12/2021  How to Find Hidden Files on Your Computer and Phone
9/11/2021  A Guide to Living Off The Grid
9/10/2021  Against Biden’s Mandates
9/9/2021  Make Your Home Impenetrable
9/8/2021  The Real Reason Mainstream Media is Dialing Up the Fear
9/7/2021  Knowing When to Shoot and When Not To
9/6/2021  5 Venomous Snakes Everyone Should Know
9/5/2021  If It Gets Bad, I’ll Go to Idaho
9/4/2021  Guns Are Hard Assets
9/3/2021  Where to Hit Someone to Inflict the Most Damage
9/2/2021  DIY Rain Barrel
9/1/2021  Build Your Own Home in Two Years
8/31/2021  Engineering Your Home Network for Privacy and Security
8/30/2021  Surviving a Venezuela-Like Collapse
8/29/2021  The Weakest Generation of All Time
8/28/2021  Hurricane Safety Tips and Resources
8/27/2021  Australia Descends Into Nightmarish Orwellian Police State
8/26/2021  Preparedness for Travelers
8/25/2021  How to Make a PVC Blowgun
8/24/2021  An Explosion in Geofence Warrants Threatens Privacy Across the US
8/23/2021  Home Lab Beginner’s Guide
8/22/2021  Why Protecting Privacy is a Losing Game Today
8/21/2021  How to Prepare for a Disaster Mentally and Emotionally
8/20/2021  Freedom in the Time of Covid 19
8/19/2021  Do You Suffer From Soft Suburban Dad Syndrome?
8/18/2021  Why Does the Taliban Love Toyotas?
8/17/2021  The Zone of Death
8/16/2021  How Does an Adventurer Earn Money?
8/15/2021  How to Get Dual Citizenship
8/14/2021  Bug Out to These Places Instead
8/13/2021  How to Defend Yourself in a Gun-Free Zone
8/12/2021  How Freedom Dies from A to Z
8/11/2021  Drawing Your Pistol While in a Car
8/10/2021  Growing a Fall Garden
8/9/2021  On Becoming Resilient
8/8/2021  What I learned from Living in a Post-SHTF World for Three Years
8/7/2021  The Utah Data Center
8/6/2021  An Old Hacker’s Tips for Staying Employed
8/5/2021  How to Make a 21st-Century Wilderness Survival Kit
8/4/2021  How to Emergency Rappel
8/3/2021  WPS Security Test
8/2/2021  Pentagon Believe Its Precognitive AI Can Predict Events Days in Advance
8/1/2021  Rise and Fall of the Ultimate Doomsday Prepper
7/31/2021  Here’s How Police Can Get Your Data–Even If You Aren’t Suspected of a Crime
7/30/2021  Meet Paragon
7/29/2021  Superspreading Lies
7/28/2021  Veteran Cop’s Message to Gun Owners
7/27/2021  Daniel Hale’s Drone Wars
7/26/2021  7 Reasons to Keep a Paper Map in Your Glovebox
7/25/2021  The Unbearable Madness of the Covid Circus
7/24/2021  7 Tactics for Planning Next Year’s Garden
7/23/2021  72-Hour Survival Challenge
7/22/2021  This Proposal Could Make the US a Digital Dictatorship
7/21/2021  F*&# the CDC
7/20/2021  Inside SERE School
7/19/2021  How and When to Use Space Blankets
7/18/2021  ‘Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Happening’
7/17/2021  Adventures in Suburban Farming
7/16/2021  How to Clean a Well
7/15/2021  The Best Multi Tools Worth Carrying
7/14/2021  Cuba’s Social Media Blackout
7/13/2021  The Anom Phone
7/12/2021  How to Survive a Plane Crash
7/11/2021  The Internet is Rotting
7/10/2021  Where Common US Crops are Grown
7/9/2021  One Second After
7/8/2021  Mega List of Conspiracy Theories  Part1  Part 2
7/7/2021  Disaster City, Texas
7/6/2021  Notes from A Survivor of SHTF Venezuela
7/5/2021  8 Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilization
7/4/2021  The Constitution of the United States  
7/3/2021  50 Urban Survival Skills You Should Practice
7/2/2021  Where to Hit Someone to Inflict the Most Damage
7/1/2021  10 Best Outdoor Reality Shows
6/30/2021  Rattlesnakes on the Homestead
6/29/2021  Amateur HAM Radio–The Ultimate Tool for Survival Communications
6/28/2021  Secret NSA Spying Network in Major Cities
6/27/2021  How Many Spy Cameras Are Recording You Now?
6/26/2021  The Best Spy Apps for Android 
6/25/2021  How to Disappear Completely
6/24/2021  How to Survive 6 Camping Mishaps
6/23/2021  An Intro to Walkie Talkies
6/22/2021  Keeping Your Head in Times of Crisis
6/21/2021  Sun Tzu Art of War–50 Strategic Rules for Managers
6/20/2021  The Beginner’s Guide to Guns
6/19/2021  How this Dad Raised Three Resilient Sons
6/18/2021  Prepping 101–The Ultimate Guide to Prepping
6/17/2021  US Special Operations Groups You’ve Never Heard Of
6/16/2021  I Walked 100 Miles With My Bug Out Bag
6/15/2021  Living Like It’s 1999
6/14/2021  How China Used ‘Wokeness’ to Install Communism
6/13/2021  What I Learned in a Post-SHTF World
6/12/2021  Top 10 Reasons Not to Go With Your Gut
6/11/2021  100 Dollar Store Preps to Stockpile Now
6/10/2021  On Becoming Antifragile
6/9/2021  Make Yourself Harder to Find Online
6/8/2021  Land Navigation
6/7/2021  Why We Should End the Data Economy
6/6/2021  Why Counter-Attribution is So Important for Your Security
6/5/2021  Vermicomposting
6/4/2021  Updated–100 Skills Every Man Should Know
6/3/2021  The Last American Man
6/2/2021  Surviving a Biochemical Attack
6/1/2021  A Personal Creed for Employment
5/31/2021  Amazon Customers Have on Week to Opt Out of Mass Wireless Sharing
5/30/2021  Simplifying Simplicity
5/29/2021  Can an Average Person Survive for Two Weeks in the Wilderness?
5/28/2021  Orwell’s 1984 Could Happen in 2024
5/27/2021  How to Erase Yourself from the Internet
5/26/2021  Bugging Out in Place
5/25/2021  An Intro to Lockpicking
5/24/2021  How to Back Up Your Digital Life
5/23/2021  Free Field Training Videos
5/22/2021  How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning
5/21/2021  The Next Global Disaster is On It’s Way
5/20/2021  How to Build a PC
5/19/2021  The Best Multi Tools for Any Task
5/18/2021  Amazon’s Ring is the Largest Civilian Surveillance Network in the US
5/17/2021  The Pentagon Has a Secret Army
5/16/2021  The Pentagon is Tracking US Citizens Without a Warrant
5/15/2021  What We Can Learn from the Colonial Pipeline Attack
5/14/2021  Ed Calderone’s EDC Pocket Dump
5/13/2021  Advanced Situational Awareness
5/12/2021  The Future of Tech and Disaster Response Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
5/11/2021  Navy SEAL Equipment and Gear
5/10/2021  Privacy Matters–Apps and Websites To Increase Your Privacy
5/9/2021  300+ Items for the Ultimate Car Emergency Kit
5/8/2021  Your Car is Spying on You
5/7/2021  Surviving the Bosnia Collapse of 1992
5/6/2021  101 Easy Ways to Prepare for SHTF Today
5/5/2021  HAM Radio Lessons
5/4/2021  Top 10 Tactical Skills
5/3/2021  The Best City Garden
5/2/2021  The Criminalization of Dissent
5/1/2021  How to Build a Home Gym on the Cheap
4/30/2021  99 Bits of Unsolicited Advice
4/29/2021  7 Essential Items for Your Survival Kit
4/28/2021  How to Survive Martial Law
4/27/2021  Wildfire Evacuation Guide
4/26/2021  Vehicle Team Tactics for Preppers
4/25/2021  VPN Hack Compromises Dozens of Companies and Agencies
4/24/2021  Surviving the Bosnia Collapse of 1992
4/23/2021  The Tactical Belt
4/22/2021  Beekeeping for Beginners
4/21/2021  How to Camp for Free
4/20/2021  11 Places to Hide Things in Your Home
4/19/2021  License Plate Tracking
4/18/2021  How Face Recognition Can Destroy Anonymity 
4/17/2021  Bartering for Bad Times
4/16/2021  How to Disarm a Police Spot Robot
4/15/2021  Family Preparedness Handbook
4/14/2021  How to Strip Your Baby
4/13/2021  The Anarchist Cookbook
4/12/2021  Shooting Drills–The Ultimate List
4/11/2021  Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity (v April 2021)
4/10/2021  Stocking the Pantry for Three Months of Meals
4/9/2021  Build Your Own Home in Two Years
4/8/2021  How to Layer Clothes for Outdoor Adventures
4/7/2021  Your ‘Smart Home’ is Watching–and Probably Sharing Data With the Police
4/6/2021  45 Self-Reliance Skills for Homesteaders
4/5/2021  7 Emergency Prep Apps tp Keep on Your Phone
4/4/2021  The Tyranny Test
4/3/2021  A Crash Course in Real World Self Defense
4/2/2021  Homestead Security for Women
4/1/2021  74 Secret Agent Tech Gadgets
3/31/2021  An Infographic of Various Bullets
3/30/2021  Second Amendment in the Firing Line
3/29/2021  The Importance of Shooting Competitions
3/28/2021  Five Building Tricks for Super Strong Framing
3/27/2021  How to Escape from Being Tied Up
3/26/2021  The Hidden Fingerprint Inside Your Photos
3/25/2021  The Navy Wants You to Hack It’s Systems
3/24/2021  Slouching Towards Dystopia
3/23/2021  The Gear You Need for a Home Tool Kit
3/22/2021  Amazon’s New AI Surveillance Program
3/21/2021  Economical Guns for the Homestead
3/20/2021  The Coming War on Privacy
3/19/2021  Want to Feel Like a Man? Then Act Like It
3/18/2021  Street Smart Tips
3/17/2021  This Spy Firm Wants to Sell Your Car’s Location to the Military
3/16/2021  Inside Israel’s Lucrative–And Secretive–Cybersurveillance Industry
3/15/2021  Extreme Privacy Workbook
3/14/2021  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity 
3/13/2021  American Special Ops Forces Are Everywhere
3/12 2021  So You Want to Prepare for Doomday
3/11/2021  How to Properly Store Gasoline
3/10/2021  How Campus Police Use High Tech to Spy on Students
3/9/2021  The UK is Testing a Controversial Web Snooping Tool
3/8/2021  Introduction to Food Storage
3/7/2021  What is Cryptojacking?
3/6/2021  Build an Off-Grid Root Cellar
3/5/2021  How to Air Gap a Computer
3/4/2021  The Dire Possibility of Cyberattacks on Weapons Systems
3/3/2021  Shut Stalkers Out of Your Tech
3/2/2021  Deepfake is the Future of Content Creation
3/1/2021  Free Land–Living Off-Grid With No Money
2/28/2021  So Long As You Carry a Cell Phone the Government Can Track You
2/27/2021  The Wonderful World of Axes
2/26/2021  Who Owns Your Face?
2/25/2021  NYC’s Surveillance Battle Offers National Lessons
2/24/2021  Privacy: Who Needs It?
2/23/2021  No Place is Safe From Failing US Infrastructure
2/22/2021  Family Emergency Plan Binder Master List
2/21/2021  Start a Self-Sufficiency Garden
2/20/2021  The Texas Disaster and Collapse of the US
2/19/2021  Go Incognito: A Guide to Privacy
2/18/2021  Strategies for Stress Management
2/17/2021  Prepping for a Blizzard
2/16/2021  Your Kitchen Pharmacy
2/15/2021  How to Deal With Snakes
2/14/2021  The Best States for Gun Owners
2/13/2021  Big Brother and Fusion Systems
2/12/2021  10 Ways to Make Money on Your Land
2/11/2021  How to Know if Ice is Safe to Walk On
2/10/2021  The Fastest Growing Fruits and Vegetables
2/9/2021  A Hacker Tried to Poison Florida City’s Water Supply
2/8/2021  5 Ways to Loosen Big Tech’s Grip on Your Life
2/7/2021  Censorship and the Elimination of Free Speech
2/6/2021  100 Deadly Skills of the Violent Nomad
2/5/2021  Types of Fences for the Homestead
2/4/2021  Power Your Bug Out Bag
2/3/2021  The 2021 Gunpocalypse
2/2/2021  How to Live Off-Grid in a Camper
2/1/2021  The 6 Types of Grit
1/31/2021  How to Maintain Your Chimney
1/30/2021  12 Improvised Weapons
1/29/2021  This Could Save Your Life
1/28/2021  All the Ways Facebook Tracks You
1/27/2021  Escape the Enemy
1/26/2021  How to Prevent the Internet from Tracking You
1/25/2021  How to Plan Your Garden
1/24/2021  Developing Algorithms That May Be Used Against You
1/23/2021  John McAfee: A Real Life Jason Bourne
1/22/2021  What To Do If You Are Being Followed
1/21/2021  Does the First Amendment Restrain Big Tech?
1/20/2021  I’m Not a Soldier But I’ve Been Trained to Kill
1/19/2021  How to Get Your Ham Radio License
1/18/2021  Bug Out Bag Essentials
1/17/2021  Emergency Planning Beyond the Bug Out Bag
1/16/2021  The Tools That Tracked Capital Rioters
1/15/2021  If Covid Started With a Lab Leak Would We Ever Know?
1/14/2021  Your Survival Depends on Water
1/13/2021  Surviving Tech Purges
1/12/2021  8 Outdoor Adventures You Can Do Anywhere
1/11/2021  The ‘War on Terror’ Comes Home
1/10/2021  Why You Should Volunteer With a Search and Rescue Team
1/9/2021  CellHawk: Another Cell Phone Surveillance Tool
1/8/2021  How to Prepare a Cheap Burner Phone for Protests
1/7/2021  A Life Without Money: A Field Guide
1/6/2021  The Great Reset
1/5/2021  52 Pieces of Adventure Advice
1/4/2021  Living Under the Radar in a Digital World
1/3/2021  Inside the Massive World of Surveillance Tech
1/2/2021  10 Tasks for Your Winter Garden
1/1/2021  Happy New Year!