2022 Daily Insight

12/31/2022  The Most Traumatizing Events of 2022
12/30/2022  9 Ways to Survive the Coming Depression
12/29/2022  Best Crops for a Self-Sufficient Garden Plan
12/28/2022  2022’s Danger Signs
12/27/2022  Homestead Security for Women
12/26/2022  The $800 Bug Out Bag Adventure
12/25/2022  Merry Christmas! 
12/24/2022  Your Survival Depends on Water
12/23/2022  On the Eve of a Cashless Society
12/22/2022  WHO Treaty for Global Martial Law
12/21/2022  Vermicomposting
12/20/2022  Home Invasion Survival Tips
12/19/2022  The Surveillance State is Making a List and You’re On It
12/18/2022  Deep State Suspicions
12/17/2022  Garden Seeds–A Great Winter Pastime
12/16/2022  Driving in Snowy Conditions
12/15/2022  Creating a Quick and Easy Survival Cache
12/14/2022  ATF Form 4473 is Changing Next Year
12/13/2022  Ultimate List of Prepper Skills
12/12/2022  Tech Prepping
12/11/2022  Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up
12/10/2022  How to Combat Inflation
12/9/2022  Disturbing Details About Phone Tracking in 2022
12/8/2022  Remote Off-Grid Cabin Start to Finish
12/7/2022  Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence-Based Medicine?
12/6/2022  7 Important Things You Need During SHTF
12/5/2022  Dollar Store to the Rescue
12/4/2022  Make Way for the Killer Robots
12/3/2022  How Long Would Society Last During a Total Grid Collapse?
12/2/2022  The Social Shotgun
12/1/2022  HAM Radio 101
11/30/2022  Solar Power for the Farm and Ranch
11/29/2022  19 Homesteading Books Every Homesteader Needs
11/28/2022  Building an Off-Grid Cabin in 10 Days
11/27/2022  Do You Need Concealed Carry Insurance?
11/26/2022  DIY Home Biodiesel Production
11/25/2022  Woodstove Cooking
11/24/2022  Economic Collapse = Societal Collapse
11/23/2022  14 Steps to Prepare for a Winter Storm
11/22/2022  Thanksgiving Safety Tips
11/21/2022  Be Prepared Not Scared
11/20/2022  A Massive Map of Road Cams
11/19/2022  NY Fed Launches CBDC Pilot Program
11/18/2022  The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)
11/17/2022  Build a 6500 Gallon Concrete Water Tank
11/16/2022  Feds Mysteriously Raid House of Area 51 Blogger
11/15/2022  All the Stuff Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover
11/14/2022  Do Not Mix These Cleaning Products
11/13/2022  Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue
11/12/2022  Veterans Now Get Free National Parks Passes
11/11/2022  FBI Raids Star ABC News Producer’s Home
11/10/2022  How to Prepare for Gun School
11/9/2022  Self Destructive Social Habits
11/8/2022  10 Ways to Deal With Fuel Scarcity
11/7/2022  In Defense of ‘Crazy’ Conspiracy Theories
11/6/2022  Preparedness Lessons from the Invasion of Ukraine
11/5/2022  An Easier Way to Cut Firewood
11/4/2022  Tyranny Looms as Digital IDs and Currencies Roll Out
11/3/2022  Food Prep and Storage Tips for Your Emergency Food Supply
11/2/2022  What You Need to Know About Buying a Home Generator
11/1/2022  Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation
10/31/2022  CBDCs–The Pied Piper
10/30/2022  Dr McCullough is Being Stripped of His Medical Credentials
10/29/2022  How a Diesel Shortage Could Cripple the US Economy
10/28/2022  10 Best Cities to Withstand Climate Change
10/27/2022  Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden
10/26/2022  How to Make Your Own Fertilizer
10/25/2022  How to Survive a Flash Flood
10/24/2022  40 Tricks to Warm Your Home Without Turning Up the Heat
10/23/2022  Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech
10/22/2022  Tips for Surviving in a Failed State
10/21/2022  Police Track Innocent People’s Movements
10/20/2022  Homestead Security for Women
10/19/2022  Life Without the Tech Giants
10/18/2022  The Gift of Fear
10/17/2022  15 Alternative Ways to Heat Your Home
10/16/2022  How to Protect Your Camp from Trespassers
10/15/2022  How to Spin Yarn by Hand
10/14/2022  How to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Radiation
10/13/2022  The Day All the ATMs Ran Out of Money
10/12/2022  Adventures of a First-Time Homesteader
10/11/2022  21 Epigrams Every Man Should Live By
10/10/2022  The Most Common Causes of Home Fires
10/9/2022  25 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter
10/8/2022  Three Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras
10/7/2022  PayPal’s ‘Misinformation’ Fine
10/6/2022  When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition
10/5/2022  Easy Mountain Methods
10/4/2022  Your Router Is Collecting Your Data
10/3/2022  A Simple Explanation of Your Immune System
10/2/2022  Is Our Democracy Failing Our Country?
10/1/2022  Never Forget
9/30/2022  The Best Emergency Gear to Keep at Home
9/29/2022  What the Hell Happened to the USA?
9/28/2022  Amazon’s ‘ambient intelligence’ is a cozy way to say home surveillance
9/27/2022  How to Prepare for a Hurricane
9/26/2022  Hurricane Ian Preparedness Tips
9/25/2022  The Current Crime Wave is Unlike Any We’ve Ever Seen in America
9/24/2022  What Would a Nuclear War Look Like?
9/23/2022  Battle Belt Set Up 101
9/22/2022  Fog Data Science Putting Our 4th Amendment Rights Up For Sale
9/21/2022  Use Non-Hybrid Seeds and Save Big Bucks on Your Garden
9/20/2022  10 Things That Will Put Hair On Your Chest
9/19/2022  16 Things to Do Before You Die
9/18/2022  Public Buses Across the Country Quietly Adding Audio Surveillance
9/17/2022  The Southern Border Problem Is the Next Step to Global Government
9/16/2022  Your Kitchen Pharmacy
9/15/2022  Be Careful What You Share Online
9/14/2022  How to Pack a Go Bag for Climate Disasters
9/13/2022  Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation
9/12/2022  You’re Being Lied to By So-Called Preppers
9/11/2022  China’s Surveillance State Will Be the West’s Future Too
9/10/2022  Controlled Demolition of Food and Energy Supplies
9/9/2022  Is It Possible to Live on Only Cash
9/8/2022  Prepping Barely Saved Me
9/7/2022  Prevent Auto Theft and Carjacking
9/6/2022  Don’t Commit the 7 Shooter’s Sins
9/5/2022  Build a Lean-To Greenhouse
9/4/2022  After Self-Hosting Email for 23 Years, the Oligopoly Has Won
9/3/2022  Food Confiscation
9/2/2022  Police Agencies are Using a Low-Cost Surveillance Tool to Track Cell Phones
9/1/2022  Well Being: Homeschooling
8/31/2022  The Importance of Having a Physical Identity
8/30/2022  Survival Foods Planting Guide
8/29/2022  You Are Being Watched
8/28/2022  How to Use the Emergency SOS Feature on Your Phone
8/27/2022  Hacking People
8/26/2022  A Man Has 4 Options in Today’s World
8/25/2022  The FBI Investigates Millions of Americans Without Warrants
8/24/2022  What to Do When There Is No Doctor
8/23/2022  19 Ways to Cook Without Electricity
8/22/2022  The CDC Backtracks on Covid Guidance
8/21/2022  Build a Bug-Out Kindle
8/20/2022  2022: Best States for Gun Owners
8/19/2022  5 Gallon Bucket Washing Machine
8/18/2022  The 9pm Security Routine
8/17/2022  Cashless Means They Get to Watch You
8/16/2022  How to Build a Small Town in Texas
8/15/2022  Common Backpacking Mistakes
8/14/2022  The Ultimate EDC Kit
8/13/2022  A More Powerful IRS Won’t Only Target the Wealthy
8/12/2022  Build a Solar-Powered Generator for Under $300
8/11/2022  OSINT: You Can’t Hide
8/10/2022  Why Insurgencies are So Hard to Beat
8/9/2022  15 Crucial Skills School Doesn’t Teach You
8/8/2022  Ring Nation–Amazon’s Surveillance Dystopia
8/7/2022  “If You Control the Food Supply, You Control Everything”
8/6/2022  Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families
8/5/2022  How to Live Off the Grid
8/4/2022  FBI Targets 2A Supporters
8/3/2022  25 Bug Out Bag Tricks
8/2/2022  How to Prepare for and Survive a Flood
8/1/2022  Build Your Own Off-Grid Security System
7/31/2022  How to Choose a Good Lawyer for a Self Defense Case
7/30/2022  Become a More Independent City Dweller
7/29/2022  How to Live Without Cash
7/28/2022  Surveillance of Your Car
7/27/2022  Build Your Own Solar-Powered Backup System
7/26/2022  10 Country Do’s and Don’ts 
7/25/2022  9 Ways to Become More Courageous 
7/24/2022  The Ship’s Medicine Chest
7/23/2022  Snipers–How They Operate
7/22/2022  Where in the World?
7/21/2022  Woodstove Cooking
7/20/2022  44 Ultralight Backpacking Tips
7/19/2022  11 Auto Maintenance Jobs You Can Do Yourself
7/18/2022  How to Prepare for Coming Crisis
7/17/2022  The Government is Tracking US Citizens Via Their Cell Phones
7/16/2022  Natural Cooling Methods
7/15/2022  How to Resurrect Old, Rusted Tools
7/14/2022  Three Reasons to Carry Extra Ammo and Magazines
7/13/2022  How to Secure Your Water Supplies for Emergencies
7/12/2022  How to Safely Clear Your Home
7/11/2022  How to Avoid–And Remove–Ticks
7/10/2022  What to Do If You Are Bitten by a Rattlesnake
7/9/2022  Tracking People With Apple Air Tags
7/8/2022  Something Has Happened to Americans and It’s Being Blamed on Guns
7/7/2022  Idleness Kills Manliness
7/6/2022  Build Your Own Log Home in the Woods
7/5/2022  A Covid Plot Against Humanity
7/4/2022  You Need a Reset Day
7/3/2022  10 Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know
7/2/2022  Fastpacking 101
7/1/2022  Common Sense Preparedness Just Makes Sense
6/30/2022  Rogue Agencies and the Covid Truth Seekers
6/29/2022  10 of the Easiest Countries to Emigrate To
6/28/2022  Abortion Rights are Privacy Rights
6/27/2022  7 Best Secure Messaging Apps
6/26/2022  Top 5 Culprits for Secret Surveillance in the Workplace
6/25/2022  How to Save Money on Fuel–25 Tips
6/24/2022  Julian Assange and Personal Freedom
6/23/2022  Take Control of Stressful Situations
6/22/2022  Deep Fakes and National Security
6/21/2022  How to Build the Ultimate Bug Out Bag
6/20/2022  20 Expert Tips for Desert Hiking
6/19/2022  Pistol Skills: Basic  Intermediate  Advanced
6/18/2022  No Nonsense Bug Out Bag
6/17/2022  5 State Gun Laws that Could Go National
6/16/2022  How to Prepare for the Greater Depression
6/15/2022  96 Examples that the Food Shortages Are Being Created
6/14/2022  Avoiding Heat Illness
6/13/2022  FB is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites
6/12/2022  The Best Emergency Gear to Keep at Home
6/11/2022  Tactical Shooting–Don’t Be This Guy
6/10/2022  Twitter and the Department of Homeland Security
6/9/2022  We’re Here to Brainwash You
6/8/2022  12 Tips to Prepare for Inflation
6/7/2022  Empty People Not Loaded Guns
6/6/2022  Handgun Options for People With Strength Issues
6/5/2022  Plant Once Harvest for Years
6/4/2022  How to Be Careful When Posting Pictures on Social Media
6/3/2022  Social Media & Authoritarian Cult Parallels
6/2/2022  How to Land a Plane in an Emergency
6/1/2022  The Great Reset Folks Meet in Davos
5/31/2022  How to Live Without Today’s Technology
5/30/2022  How to Build a Bike Generator
5/29/2022  What to Do If Police Hand You a Search Warrant
5/28/2022  Livelihoods in a Degrowth Economy
5/27/2022  12  Questions About Mass Shootings
5/26/2022  Defending Sovereignty
5/25/2022  Building Off-Grid Buildings
5/24/2022  Physical Activity May Be the Solution to…Everything
5/23/2022  The Idiots Guide to Privacy & Cybersecurity
5/22/2022  Plan A
5/21/2022  The Monkeypox Exercise
5/20/2022  You Can Now Search Faces on the Internet With Disturbing Accuracy
5/19/2022  The Malicious Use of AI
5/18/2022  14 Essentials You Need in a Car Emergency Kit
5/17/2022  The Latest BS We Expect You to Believe
5/16/2022  Vast Stretch of US at Risk of Summer Blackouts
5/15/2022  Cutting Google Out of Your Life
5/14/2022  What is Most Important in Self Defense
5/13/2022  Get These Items Before They’re Gone
5/12/2022  Super Small-Scale Solar
5/11/2022  How to Prepare for a Tornado
5/10/2022  Sharpen the Saw
5/9/2022  Secure and Economical Livestock Feed
5/8/2022  How to Walk 12 Miles a Day
5/7/2022  You Are the First Responder
5/6/2022  Wealthy Americans Are Buying Second Passports as Their Plan B
5/5/2022  How to Escape like Jason Bourne
5/4/2022  Blackstone to Acquire Ancestry.com
5/3/2022  George Carlin Perfectly Describes Today’s America
5/2/2022  Deep State and Big Tech Manipulate the News
5/1/2022  A Warning from a Google Tech
4/30/2022  48-Hour Ziploc Survival Kit
4/29/2022  The Disinformation Board aka the ‘Ministry of Truth’
4/28/2022  Surviving a Biochemical Attack
4/27/2022  The Walmart Backpacking Challenge
4/26/2022  Protect Yourself from Nuclear Attack
4/25/2022  The FBI is Monitoring Your Browsing History Without a Warrant
4/24/2022  7 Things to Know About Faraday Bags
4/23/2022  NWS SKYWARN Storm Spotter Program
4/22/2022  How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife
4/21/2022  The Corruption of Our Nation
4/20/2022  The Hitchhikers Guide to Online Anonymity
4/19/2022  How to Be Anonymous in the Streets
4/18/2022  Essential Prepping Skills: 12 Hobbies
4/17/2022  Easter and Freedom
4/16/2022  How Big Tech Finds Your Exact Location
4/15/2022  Open Carry vs Concealed Carry
4/14/2022  8 Low-Tech Ways to Strengthen Your Home Security
4/13/2022  DIY Bio Diesel
4/12/2022  There’s No Such Thing as Free Land
4/11/2022  The New Prison Camps
4/10/2022  How Much Cash You Need to Stash for an Emergency
4/9/2022  How to Read a Topo Map
4/8/2022  The Accidental Homesteader
4/7/2022  ‘Street Smart’ Safety Tips
4/6/2022  The Zombiefication of America
4/5/2022  Grow a Vegetable Garden for Free
4/4/2022  Food Crisis–The Greatest Threat to Social Stability
4/3/2022  How to Ram Through a Vehicular Roadblock
4/2/2022  A Cashless Society Will Leave Many Struggling
4/1/2022  Medical Supplies Your Kit Should Have
3/31/2022  How to Navigate Hyperinflation and Survive
3/30/2022  How to Make Lye from Ashes
3/29/2022  Carjackings Becoming One of the Top Crimes
3/28/2022  The Benefits of Rucking
3/27/2022  40 Life-Saving Tips
3/26/2022  How to Grow a Victory Garden
3/25/2022  Beginners Guide to Reloading Ammo
3/24/2022  Disaster Preparation
3/23/2022  The Elite Flock to Doomsday Bunkers
3/22/2022  The Route 91 Shooting Cover Up
3/21/2022  Disasters You Might Not Think About
3/20/2022  13 Steps to a Life of Freedom
3/19/2022  How to Make a Digital Bug Out Bag
3/18/2022  Big Tech is Targeting You
3/17/2022  Prepping Essentials: Food
3/16/2022  The Importance of Shooting Competitions
3/15/2022  20 Ways to Save Money on Gas
3/14/2022  The US and It’s Secret Biological Weapons Labs
3/13/2022  Spring Home and Garden Checklist
3/12/2022  Lessons Learned from an Ice Storm
3/11/2022  The Essential Travel First Aid Kit
3/10/2022  Scientific Integrity is Dead
3/9/2022  10 Tips to Help You Shoot Like a Long-Range Sniper
3/8/2022  How Your Smartphone is Tracking You
3/7/2022  The Ultimate Backpacking Checklist
3/6/2022  Nuclear Explosion: What To Do
3/5/2022  Outline of Sniper Tactics
3/4/2022  Watch Big Tech and the State
3/3/2022  The Utah Data Center
3/2/2022  10 Sniper Tactics
3/1/2022  100 Tips for an Ultralight Backpack
2/28/2022  Preparing a House for Defense
2/27/2022  Full Combat Set Up
2/26/2022  Urban Warfare Tips for a Former Marine
2/25/2022  How the WEF Infiltrates World Governments
2/24/2022  A National Digital Vaccine Card Has Emerged
2/23/2022  Best Vegetable Seed Companies
2/22/2022  What to Do When There’s No Doctor
2/21/2022  The Coming Impact of Social Credit Scores
2/20/2022  Shortwave Radio for Beginners
2/19/2022  What Information are You Driving Around
2/18/2022  10 Country Do’s and Don’ts
2/17/2022  10 Steps to Protect Your Money from Massive Coming Changes
2/16/2022  121+ Skills for the Modern Homestead
2/15/2022  Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers
2/14/2022  8 Reasons to Have Dual Citizenship
2/13/2022  Don’t Dismiss the possibility of Gold Confiscation
2/12/2022  Hog Butchering
2/11/2022  3G Network Shutdown Will Impact More than Just Phones
2/10/2022  Secure and Economical Livestock Feed
2/9/2022  FDA Duplicity on Covid-19 Vaccines
2/8/2022  FBI Used Google Location Data to Investigate Arson
2/7/2022  5-Point Checklist After a Self-Defense Shooting
2//6/2022  The Most Significant Security Flaw in North America
2/5/2022  Watch Out for ‘Modded’ Silent Air Tags
2/4/2022  Reddit is Filling the Gaps in the Military’s Failing Mental Healthcare System
2/3/2022  How to Stop Your New TV from Tracking What You Watch
2/2/2022  The Power Grid
2/1/2022  Criminals Use Air Tags to Track Vehicles and People
1/31/2022  Are You Ready for Empty Shelves?
1/30/2022  Are You Mentally Prepared for Self Defense?
1/29/2022  9 Lifesaving Mnemonics
1/28/2022  Are You Ready to Give Up Your Privacy for Safety?
1/27/2022  Farmers Markets Show Resilience in Times of Supply Chain Issues
1/26/2022  Situational Awareness is Your Best Defense
1/25/2022  84 Ways to Save Money on Groceries
1/24/2022  The Canadian Freedom Convoy
1/23/2022  San Francisco Police Illegally Spying on Protesters
1/22/2022  On the Eve of the Washington March
1/21/2022  Add a Hand Pump to an Electric Well
1/20/2022  10 Tips for Homeschooling Your Kids
1/19/2022  The Murdering of Free Speech in America
1/18/2022  Getting Started With Lockpicking
1/17/2022  Prolonged Casualty Care for All
1/16/2022  Large Anti-Vaccine Mandate March on January 23
1/15/2022  13 Winter Driving Tips
1/14/2022  5 Things That Could Save Your Life from an Active Shooter
1/13/2022  The Ultimate Backpacking Checklist
1/12/2022  Survival Food on a Budget
1/11/2022  Pfizer CEO: Vaccine Offers Limited Protection, If Any
1/10/2022  How to be Invisible Online
1/9/2022  Global Covid Summit
1/8/2022  Survival Storeroom
1/7/2022  How to Track a Human
1/6/2022  Drones Used By Farmers Could be Spying on You
1/5/2022  The Wonders of Vinegar
1/4/2022  Manipulated Search Results
1/3/2022  7 Ways to Improve Your Privacy in 2022
1/2/2022  The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance
1/1/2022  Must Watch: Joe Rogan & Dr Robert Malone Interview