2023 Daily Insight

12/31/2023 Preparing Yourself for 2024
12/30/2023 The Best Passports for a World War
12/29/2023 Bug Out Bag List
12/28/2023 Preparing for a Temporary Catastrophe
12/27/2023 Concealed Carry Guide
12/26/2023 The Deep State’s Control of NATO and Congress
12/25/2023 Merry Christmas!
12/24/2023 ‘Leave the World Behind’
12/23/2023 A Large Solar Storm Could Knock Out the Electrical Grid
12/22/2023 A Survival Keyring
12/21/2023 ‘They Have Been Planning This Cyber Attack for Years’
12/20/2023 7 Best Emergency Alert Apps of 2023
12/19/2023 A Very Prepper Christmas
12/18/2023 Prepper New Year’s Resolutions
12/17/2023 People Who Make Billions Off You Being Sick Have No Incentive to Make You Healthy
12/16/2023 Dissident Dialogues
12/15/2023 21 Reasons to Eat Real Food
12/14/2023 18 Survival Hacks
12/13/2023 Proper Fuel Storage
12/12/2023 Pharmacies Are Sharing Medical Data Without a Warrant
12/11/2023 Off-The-Shelf Wilderness First Aid Kits
12/10/2023 Destroying Gun Lies
12/9/2023 5 Stages of Situational Awareness
12/8/2023 More Americans Are Preparing for Doomsday
12/7/2023 How to Work
12/6/2023 10 Signs Your Identity Has Been Compromised
12/5/2023 5 Pieces of Military Surplus Gear for Backpackers
12/4/2023 Is it Possible to Live Without Money?
12/3/2023 Exposing the WEF’s Incoming False Flag
12/2/2023 The Power Grid Outage Risk
12/1/2023 How to Eat for Free
11/30/2023 It’s For the Greater Good!
11/29/2023 Stickers On Your Car May Help Potential Bad Guys
11/28/2023 Moderna Is Spying On You
11/27/2023 It Will Happen Suddenly
11/26/2023 First Stages of Civilization’s Collapse
11/25/2023 A Secret Phone Surveillance Program is Spying on Americans
11/24/2023 How to Use Pepper Spray
11/23/2023 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/22/2023 This Will Change How You See Everything
11/21/2023 You Are Even Being Spied On When You Sleep
11/20/2023 Stop the Bleed Training
11/19/2023 7 Tips for Hunting Safety
11/18/2023 10 Country Do’s and Don’ts
11/17/2023 If We Don’t Lock Up Criminals, We Will Have to Lock Up Everything
11/16/2023 Disarming Regular People Can Lead to Genocide
11/15/2023 The Full Rand Paul Interview
11/14/2023 The CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems
11/13/2023 Personal Preparedness in 30 Days
11/12/2023 Survival in a Combat Environment
11/11/2023 The Best Veterans Day Memes
11/10/2023 Tips For Hardcore Homesteading
11/9/2023 Checklist of Important Documents
11/8/2023 The Genetic Conspiracy
11/7/2023 5 Places You Don’t Want to Be When Society Collapses
11/6/2023 Tips for Ageing Homesteaders
11/5/2023 Why Daylight Savings Time Is Stupid
11/4/2023 Treating a Bullet Wound
11/3/2023 SERE Specialist’s Two-Week Loadout
11/2/2023 Beware a False Flag Event to Kick-Start WW3
11/1/2023 “Big Food” Is Making America Sick
10/31/2023 How to Escape the City
10/30/2023 How I’m Prepping for War
10/29/2023 The Feds Are Searching Your Social Media Posts
10/28/2023 Firearms Handling Refreshers
10/27/2023 Prepare Your Car for Extreme Cold
10/26/2023 How to Survive an Earthquake
10/25/2023 Hackers are Selling Stolen DNA Data
10/24/2023 Rand Paul on Covid
10/23/2023 Cheap Survival Food Ideas
10/22/2023 How to Evade a Professional Military
10/21/2023 Be A Swiss Army Human
10/20/2023 A Backpacking Kit
10/19/2023 2024: The Year of Forced Frugality
10/18/2023 Steganography 101
10/17/2023 Grow Edible Greens All Year Round
10/16/2023 Survival Infection Control
10/15/2023 Your Car is Not Private!
10/14/2023 Last Week in Collapse
10/13/2023 World War 3 Could Begin By Sunday
10/12/2023 How to Read the Streets
10/11/2023 Bill Passed to Demolish Free Speech
10/10/2023 Carry a Gun? Take it To a Match
10/9/2023 The Ultimate STRONG Man Test
10/8/2023 You Need This to Survive a FEMA Takeover
10/7/2023 Costco Is Selling Out of Gold Bars
10/6/2023 US Nutrition Panel’s Ties to Top Food Giants Revealed
10/5/2023 The Spartan Way
10/4/2023 Dollar Store to the Rescue
10/3/2023 We’re In the Middle of a Global Coup
10/2/2023 Doom Bingo
10/1/2023 The New Abnormal
9/30/2023 Total World Connections
9/29/2023 Signal Will Leave the UK Rather Than Leave a Backdoor
9/28/2023 The State Against Anonymity
9/27/2023 How You Are Spied On
9/26/2023 The “Trusted News Initiative”
9/25/2023 The SEC is Now a Spy Agency
9/24/2023 How to Emergency Rappel
9/23/2023 Build a Bug Out Bag Fast from Unlikely Sources
9/22/2023 Davos and the Purloined Letter Conspiracy
9/21/2023 Beware the Nations, States, etc Requiring Digital ID
9/20/2023 We Cannot Stop the Societal Collapse That’s Coming
9/19/2023 Emergency Backup Power
9/18/2023 Keeping Tools Sharp
9/17/2023 The Continued Assault Against the Second Amendment
9/16/2023 You Need a Reset Day
9/15/2023 Covid Booster Jabs for All
9/14/2023 6 Rules for Surviving Martial Law
9/13/2023 Get Yourself a Go Bag
9/12/2023 Everything I Own Fits in This Tiny House
9/11/2023 The World Has Already Ended
9/10/2023 How to Treat a Sucking Chest Wound
9/9/2023 Are Lockdowns Coming Back?
9/8/2023 10 Essentials for Living Off-Grid
9/7/2023 If You’ve Got a New Car It Is a Data Privacy Nightmare
9/6/2023 TEMS Special Ops Vehicle
9/5/2023 The Death of Informed Consent
9/4/2023 The Gray Man Theory
9/3/2020 The Military’s Five Elite Tier 1 Units
9/2/2023 A Beginner’s Guide to Foraging
9/1/2023 Get Fit Without Exercise
8/30/2023 New yarn from Old Sweaters
8/30/2023 Florida Hurricane Emergency Info
8/29/2023 10 Signs That US Culture is Being Turned Completely Upside Down
8/28/2023 Nationwide Alerting Test on October 4th
8/27/2023 10 Lessons We Learned from Covid 1.0
8/26/2023 ‘Only Those Who Disobeyed Survived’
8/25/2023 SHTF Scavenger Tool Kit
8/24/2023 10 Ways to Escape Martial Law
8/23/2023 Woman’s Incredible Backyard Garden
8/22/2023 The BRICS Summit
8/21/2023 Defending Against Mob Violence
8/20/2023 Water Storage Set Up for Long-term Survival
8/19/2023 DIY Wind Generator
8/18/2023 43 Reasons People Don’t Believe the Authorities About Covid
8/17/2023 Google’s New Censorship Tool
8/16/2023 Banks are Selling Your Financial Data
8/15/2023 When All Crimes are Those Against the State
8/14/2023 The Marion Kansas Newspaper Raid
8/13/2023 A Cabin for One
8/12/2023 Their Next Move is Digital Currency
8/11/2023 30 Things to Do to Get Ready for Fall
8/10/2023 Worldcoin
8/9/2023 A Medic’s Battle Belt
8/8/2023 7 Trends That Indicate Economic Disaster
8/7/2023 Information War
8/6/2023 5 Tools for Clearing Overgrown Land
8/5/2023 Have a Productive Fall Garden
8/4/2023 Prepare for Societal Collapse
8/3/2023 On the Collapse of American Cities
8/2/2023 10 Tips for Homeschooling Your Kids
8/1/2023 In 8 Hours You Could Be In…
7/31/2023 How to Create a Fake Person
7/30/2023 Chase Bank Shuts Down Mercola-Related Accounts
7/29/2023 How the Elites Will Use CBDCs to Enslave Humanity
7/28/2023 The Man With No Legal Identity
7/27/2023 9 Materials You Can Use to Stop a Bullet
7/26/2023 What’s the Deal With Electrolytes?
7/25/2023 8 Places to Avoid When TSHTF
7/24/2023 Emergency Shelter Building
7/23/2023 Cash Will Be a Crime
7/22/2023 They Are Coming for Our Guns, Our Cars, and Everything Else
7/21/2023 What Can Honey Be Used For
7/20/2023 FedNow is Live and the Framework is in Place for CBDCs
7/19/2023 What to Look for in a House Before Making an Offer
7/18/2023  Watch Before It’s Banned–Try That in a Small Town
7/17/2023  Inside the Rise of RTCCs
7/16/2023  Targeted for Tyranny 
7/15/2023  10 Signs You Might Be An Obedience Idiot
7/14/2023  Car Insurance Rates Spiking
7/13/2023  Survive a Heatwave Without Air Conditioning
7/12/2023  Why You Need an Off-Shore Bank Account
7/11/2023  The WHO Is a Real and Present Danger
7/10/2023  A Spy’s Regular EDC
7/9/2023  7 Mistakes of Food Storage
7/8/2023  The UN Is Planning to Seize Global Emergency Powers
7/7/2023  Artificial Intelligence Out of Control
7/6/2023  How the Moscow Idaho Killer Was Found
7/5/2023  17 Renaissance Man Characteristics You Need
7/4/2023  How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves
7/3/2023  13 Places to Avoid When TSHTF
7/2/2023  US Spies Are Buying Americans’ Private Data
7/1/2023  20 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True
6/30/2023  Don’t Connect Your Phone to Your Rental Car
6/29/2023  Get Your One Health Token from the WHO
6/28/2023  What’s Making Many Americans Fast, Sick,Poor and Stupid
6/27/2023  63 Frugal Tips from the Great Depression
6/26/2023  The Weaponization of CISA
6/25/2023  Food Security 101  Part 1   Part 2
6/24/2023  Why You Need a Second Passport
6/23/2023  The Elite War on Free Thought
6/22/2023  Discrete Medical EDC
6/21/2023  How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs
6/20/2023  Water: A Safe Supply When You’re Off the Grid
6/19/2023  The Global Digital Compact
6/18/2023  10 Unbelievable Things That Could Happen Soon
6/17/2023  Las Vegas SWAT Team No Show on Night of Massacre
6/16/2023  Our Ongoing March Into Dystopia and Oblivion
6/15/2023  How to Survive a Famine
6/14/2023  Rules for Radicals
6/13/2023  Identifying the Idaho Killer
6/12/2023  The US Is Opening Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens
6/11/2023  Greywater System
6/10/2023  10 Day Survival Pack for Your Vehicle
6/9/2023  How to Use an Encrypted Phone Safely
6/8/2023  Chest Rig Set Up
6/7/2023  Should Private Citizens Own Body Armor?
6/6/2023  Learn How to Shoot a Handgun in 10 Minutes
6/5/2023  Slaughtering and Butchering
6/4/2023  Get Fit to Survive
6/3/2023  Knowing When to Shoot and When Not To
6/2/2023  I Got Pwned…And So Did You
6/1/2023  Use These Adventure Skills to Survive the Apocalypse
5/31/2023  The WHO Will Have Authority to Mandate Vaccines Globally
5/30/2023  All About Vinegar
5/29/2023  Learn How to Use a Compass
5/28/2023  The Scramble to Push a CBDC Future
5/27/2023  How to Protect Your Family During Civil War
5/26/2023  The WHO’s Unprecedented Land Grab
5/25/2023  Do You Like Being Watched (On the Internet)?
5/24/2023  Canning 101
5/23/2023  Can Training Be Used Against Me in Court?
5/22/2023  The Death of Privacy
5/21/2023  The Facebook Papers
5/20/2023  Home Solar Power 101
5/19/2023  Bilderberg Group Meets This Week
5/18/2023  A Warning for Good Samaritans
5/17/2023  Be Your Own Butler
5/16/2023  Currency Debasement and Cultural Degradation
5/15/2023  How to Build a Home Defense Plan
5/14/2023  Making Goat’s Milk Butter
5/13/2023  You Might Be a Domestic Terrorist If…
5/12/2023  25 Uses for Borax
5/11/2023  13 Survival Tips from the Great Depression
5/10/2023  Why You Should Open Carry
5/9/2023  The Army We Don’t See
5/8/2023  Tactical Dream Loadout
5/7/2023  Where Not to Be In Crisis
5/6/2023  Tactical Combat Casualty Care
5/5/2023  How to Make Compost
5/4/2023  Cash and the Collapse
5/3/2023  Hidden Gun Storage Ideas
5/2/2023  Bugging Out in Place
5/1/2023  Butchering at Home
4/30/2023  Deep Dive OSINT
4/29/2023  28 Easy Summer Weekend Projects
4/28/2023  Things You Need to Prepare for a Global Crisis
4/27/2023  Beginner’s Sewing Kit List
4/26/2023  The Best Hatchets for Camping and Survival
4/25/2023  How to Cross a River Without Drowning
4/24/2023  10 DIY Home Plumbing Projects
4/23/2023  Install Your Own Solar Panels
4/22/2023  7 Essential Skills for Modern Preppers
4/21/2023  5 Counter-Cultural Rules to Live By
4/20/2023  8 Skills That Helped Native Americans Survive Hard Times
4/19/2023  The Rise of Crime and Other Disturbing Trends
4/18/2023  Building and Stocking Your Pantry
4/17/2023  What to Carry in Your Wallet
4/16/2023  How to Grow Potatoes from Potatoes
4/15/2023  A Handful of Companies Control Global Propaganda
4/14/2023  Assange: The Truth They Have Been Hiding from You
4/13/2023  Worst 5 States for Preppers to Retire To
4/12/2023  Extreme Censorship of Truth
4/11/2023  The RESTRICT Act is Worse Than You Think
4/10/2023  Should You Carry With a Round in the Chamber?
4/9/2023  Recognition and Treatment of Shock
4/8/2023  How to Buy Your First Sheep
4/7/2023  Disaster Prepping in a Tiny Apartment
4/6/2023  A CIA Spy’s EDC
4/5/2023  Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle
4/4/2023  The RESTRICT Act My Just Restrict You
4/3/2023  How Governments Use Global Crisis to Take More
4/2/2023  Escape and Evasion Gun Belt
4/1/2023  Our Guns Protect Us Against Tyranny
3/31/2023  Tactical Analysis of the Nashville School Shooting
3/30/2023  Power Up Light, Water and Communications in an Emergency
3/29/2023  Walk Like a Ninja
3/28/2023  The FBI Has Been Buying Bulk Data from an Internet Company
3/27/2023  Feds Using Banking Crisis to Usher in CBDC
3/26/2023  How the Government is Surveilling and Suppressing Speech
3/25/2023  How Prepper Princess Saves on Electricity Usage
3/24/2023  Here’s How I Know You Will Survive This
3/23/2023  My Preferences for Defensive Firearms
3/22/2023  Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Rules for Life
3/21/2023  Build a Barrel Stove
3/20/2023  Get Ready: More Blackouts Are Coming
3/19/2023  5th Generation Warfare is Being Used Against You
3/18/2023  What to Eat When You Get Diarrhea on the Trail
3/17/2023  The Banking Crisis: What You Actually Need to Know
3/16/2023  Basic Techniques for Shaping Stone by Hand
3/15/2023  Forging a Vibrant HAM Club
3/14/2023  Pentagon Developing Deepfakes to Deceive the Public
3/13/2023  10 Disturbing Threats You’re Probably Not Ready For
3/12/2023  Your Manure Pile
3/11/2023  How to Take Out a Sentry
3/10/2023  The Government Has Secret Listening Posts in Every Major City
3/9/2023  Using Geospatial Intelligence to Solve Investigations
3/8/2023  The 7 Deadly Sins of Giving First Aid
3/7/2023  How Would a Nuclear EMP Affect the Power Grid?
3/6/2023  On the Globalist Overlords Meeting in Davos
3/5/2023  A Secret DHS Program for Gathering Domestic Intelligence
3/4/2023  Erin Brockovich Inspiring a Terrorist Threat?
3/3/2023  Why Did This Cop Turn Up Dead?
3/2/2023  These 11 Companies Control Everything You Buy
3/1/2023  Woody Harrelson’s SNL Monologue
2/28/2023  92% of Americans Can’t Afford Groceries
2/27/2023  How Propaganda is Spread on YouTube
2/26/2023  How to Build a Beehive from Scratch
2/25/2023  Sleepwalking into a Social Credit System
2/24/2023  How to Prepare for Nuclear War
2/23/2023  DIY IFAK
2/22/2023  20 Benefits of a Day Without Technology
2/21/2023  12 Barter Skills to Learn Before SHTF
2/20/2023  Preparing for a Temporary Catastrophe
2/19/2023  Real Online Privacy for Beginners
2/18/2023  5 Tips to Improve You Shooting Skills
2/17/2023  How to Get Home After an EMP Attack
2/16/2023  Justifiable Use of Deadly Force
2/15/2023  Nord Stream Terror Attack?
2/14/2023  Bovine Basics for Beginners
2/13/2023  The Federal Government is Tracking the Unvaccinated
2/12/2023  22 Primitive Survival Skills
2/11/2023  How to Be a Gray Man
2/10/2023  Survival Essentials for a Winter Power Outage
2/9/2023  Unarmed Self-Defense Strategies
2/8/2023  Are You Prepared for 19th Century Living?
2/7/2023  How To Start a Fire
2/6/2023  10 Ways to Purify Water
2/5/2023  Kitchen Gardening at Home
2/4/2023  How to Respond When LEOs Come to Your Door
2/3/2023  Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt
2/2/2023  Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose
2/1/2023  How to Memory-Hole a PsyOp
1/31/2023  What the Central Banks Have Planned for You
1/30/2023  Starting a Small Business from Home Checklist
1/29/2023  Building and Stocking Your Pantry
1/28/2023  Masaad Ayoob on The Castle Doctrine
1/27/2023  Stress Inoculation
1/26/2023  A Field Guide to Phishing Attacks
1/25/2023  Soon Everything You Read Online Will Be Written by AI
1/24/2023  Unusual Items to Stock Up On
1/23/2023  Stealth Prepping
1/22/2023  No Dentist?
1/21/2023  FBI Mysteriously Raids House of Guy Who Runs Area 51 Blog
1/20/2023  WEF Pots Misinformation Plan
1/19/2023  Bug Out Bag List Essentials
1/18/2023  New to Concealed Carry? Watch This
1/17/2023  What You Need to Know About the Government’s Surveillance of Money Transfers
1/16/2023  How to Survive an Ambush
1/15/2023  5 Things to Do to Be Prepared for a Disaster
1/14/2023  How to Avoid Homestead Burnout
1/13/2023  What to Do With Fireplace Ashes
1/12/2023  A Small Town Can be a Haven During  Depression
1/11/2023  The Cycle of Freedom
1/10/2023  CDC Releases VAERS Safety Monitoring Analysis for Covid Vaccines
1/9/2023  How the Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us
1/8/2023  The War on Dissent
1/7/2023  How to Buy Farmland
1/6/2023  Doomer Interviews: Eliot and Sam
1/5/2023  Global Spyware Scandal–Exposing Pegasus
1/4/2023  Why It Isn’t Mad to Oppose the WEF
1/3/2023  Gun Free Zones
1/2/2023  Avoid These Mistakes When Running a Generator
1//1/2023  Happy New Year!