5 WTF Moments from This Week

It’s hard not to be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” when things that should have the entirety of our nation questioning situations, situations that in years past would have resulted in a Pulitzer for investigative reporting, are today seen as inconsequential things. Several things this week made me say WTF is happening here…

  1. A senator was publicly told how to vote during a senate appropriations session. Of course she voted as she was told to.
  2. A YouTuber who discusses privacy topics repeatedly said that if he ended up suicided he didn’t do it. Sadly, this sort of comment is becoming more and more prevalent because the possibility of actually being suicided seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Exhibit A
  3. And how many times do mainstream news shows on every station report the same “news” word-for word? Exhibit A
  4. Speaking of the news, I saw a post that Chase Bank canceled Dr Mercola (and his entire team’s) bank accounts. Wanting to confirm this, I looked for mainstream media covering this and…crickets. It’s a pretty big deal that any mainstream media organization should want to definitively prove or definitively disprove.
  5. Finally, what’s with all of these young athletes experiencing sudden cardiac arrest? Of course this isn’t a new thing, but either due to more publicity, or straight up more young athletes experiencing this condition, it is hitting the news practically every week. The only doctor who hasn’t been deplatformed for questioning the covid connection seems to be Dr Campbell (you have to listen carefully, however, as he tiptoes around the facts which could get him banned from YouTube).