20 Items for Your INCH Bag

Your INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag should include the following items. Note that this bag is to be used in addition to your Bug Out Bag at a time when you literally plan to never return home again (wild fire, flooding, total societal collapse, etc).

  1. A second passport (obviously acquire this long before it is needed)
  2. Cash (in a variety of currencies collected over time)
  3. Prepaid credit cards
  4. An aged, deGoogled burner phone and anonymous SIM
  5. An aged Linux laptop
  6. Gold coins in a variety of denominations
  7. Silver coins in a variety of denominations
  8. Jewelry
  9. Hard copies of all of your important documents
  10. A secure flash drive with all of your documents/photos/videos/medical records/financial records/etc on it
  11. A 1tb micro SD card with ALL of the information you may need on it (maps, books, translation dictionary, survival guides, contacts, how-to videos, etc)
  12. A firearm and ammo (depending on where you are going)
  13. Any sentimental items that are small enough to carry and you don’t want to part with
  14. Non-lethal self defense items
  15. Items you can use for bribes or barter (ie: the fake wallet with lower denomination bills in it, keep your real wallet hidden; cigarettes, small bottles of whiskey, etc).
  16. Prescription medications and copies of your prescriptions that can be filled anywhere
  17. Backup of critical items (glasses, contacts, hearing aids, dentures…if you can’t live without an item, you need two or three back ups just in case)
  18. A small, portable solar battery charger
  19. Items for anyone traveling with you (notarized letter to allow you to travel with your children; some airlines won’t let you on the plane without permission from the absent parent); medical info/next of kin info for someone traveling with you; contact info for overseas hosts, etc)
  20. A plan. Don’t wander off willy nilly. You need to know where you are going and how you are going to get there (ideally with two or three possible locations) instead of ending up with the refugee hoards.