100 No/Low Tech Items to Have On Hand

In a time when it seems like everything revolves around technology and the infrastructure it takes to sustain said technology, it pays to have as many no/low tech items on hand as possible…just in case.

  1. Bicycle/spare parts
  2. AM/FM radio (battery/hand crank/solar powered)
  3. Books
  4. Music CDs/CD player
  5. DVDs/DVD player
  6. Buckets and rags
  7. Hand tools (hammer, ax, pliers, etc)
  8. Non-electric gardening tools (shovel, rake, etc)
  9. Baseball/bat/gloves
  10. Bow and arrows
  11. Board games/playing cards
  12. Whistle
  13. Ferro rod
  14. Knives (for cooking prep, pocket knife, fixed blade knife)
  15. Solar garden lights
  16. Paper map and compass
  17. Backpacking gear
  18. Firearms/ammo
  19. Solar panel/battery bank
  20. Folding wagon
  21. Telescope
  22. Magnifying glass
  23. Volkswagon Beetle (pre 70s model)
  24. Non-electric kitchen tools (hand crank grain mill, cast iron cookware, non-electric can opener, etc)
  25. Push lawnmower
  26. Candles/candle-making supplies
  27. Canning supplies
  28. Solar oven
  29. HAM radio/HAM license
  30. Repair supplies (glue, wire, duct tape, rope, electrical and plumbing supplies, etc)
  31. Hygiene supplies (soap making supplies, garden pressure sprayer for showers, etc)
  32. Garden seeds
  33. Arts and crafts supplies (paper, crayons, paint/paint brushes, scissors, etc)
  34. Non-electric kid toys (dolls, cars, etc)
  35. Beekeeping supplies
  36. Fishing supplies (poles, line, hooks, etc)
  37. Butchering supplies
  38. Sewing supplies (needles, thread, fabric, etc)
  39. Woodstove
  40. Non-electric laundry supplies (clothes line, washboard, wringer, etc)
  41. Rechargeable batteries
  42. USB lights/fans/handwarmers/etc
  43. Composting toilet
  44. Hand pump/siphon hose
  45. Writing supplies (paper, pens, pencils, markers, etc)
  46. First aid supplies
  47. Maintenance kits (knife sharpening stone, gun cleaning kit, oil, etc)
  48. Safety gear (foam ear plugs, gloves, safety glasses, etc)
  49. Garden hose
  50. Building supplies (lumber, fencing supplies, tarps, nails, screws, etc)
  51. Water storage containers
  52. Fuel storage containers
  53. Cleaning supplies (bleach, scrub brushes, broom, mop, gloves, etc)
  54. Slingshot
  55. Wine/beer making supplies
  56. Human-powered generator/battery bank
  57. Clothing/shoes for all weather conditions
  58. Large plastic storage bins/garbage cans
  59. Livestock/livestock supplies
  60. Small battery banks
  61. Drone
  62. Insulated ice chest
  63. Balls (soccer ball, basketball, football, etc)
  64. Smoke/CO detectors
  65. Backups of personal necessities (glasses, dentures, cane, hearing aids, etc)
  66. 35mm camera and film
  67. Alcohol/cigarettes/cigars/etc.
  68. Water filters/purifiers
  69. Seasoned fire wood
  70. Baby/pet/elderly/ill person supplies (medications, etc)
  71. Manual bidet
  72. Pest removal supplies (traps, dCon, etc)
  73. Technical work supplies (welding, locksmithing, gunsmithing, blacksmithing, etc)
  74. Musical instruments (piano, violin, harmonica, etc)
  75. Boat (canoe, kayak, sail boat)
  76. Pets/pet supplies
  77. Locks (padlocks, cable locks, etc)
  78. Binoculars
  79. Watch
  80. Winter sports gear (skis, sleds)
  81. Knitting/weaving/quilting supplies
  82. Over-the-air antenna
  83. Manual typewriter/paper/White Out
  84. Composting bin
  85. Hardcopy backups of all important information/photos/etc
  86. Fire-proof safe
  87. Cash/gold/silver
  88. Exercise gear (weights, jump rope, resistance bands, yoga mat)
  89. Foraging/edible plants books/survival skills books/first aid book
  90. Rainwater collection system
  91. Homestead chemicals (fertilizer, lime, lye, etc)
  92. Food processing supplies (dehydrator, smoker, etc)
  93. Edible and medicinal herb garden/fruit and nut trees/kitchen garden
  94. Faraday bags
  95. Alternate energy devices (water power, wind power, etc)
  96. Demo gear (sledgehammer, crowbar, machete, etc)
  97. Survival tablet (with all of your documents/photos/music/videos/books on the SD card)
  98. Outdoor games (frisbee, croquet, cornhole, horse shoes, etc)
  99. Holiday supplies (Christmas tree holder, ornaments, etc)
  100. Signaling supplies (spray paint, fluorescent fabric, etc)