10 Disguises from the Goodwill

The Goodwill, or other thrift-type store, is a great place to get your pre/post SHTF disguises from. Depending on your purpose, looking like a road worker, a homeless person, or a business person may be just the ticket to achieving your goal, whatever that might be. If you are doing something that looks out of the ordinary because of what you look like and how you are dressed, consider getting your disguises ready…just in case. And if you need some inspiration, check out this guy’s videos.

  1. A business-type look can be had by gathering the pieces of a suit (slacks, jacket, shirt, tie, socks, and appropriate shoes) from your local thrift store then having it tailored to fit you.
  2. A “construction worker” look generally requires a reflective vest and hard hat along with appropriate clothes (jeans, t shirt). Remember to wear shoes consistent with your disguise. In this case, boots not loafers.
  3. A “homeless person” look is easy enough to put together with raggedy, oversized clothes. Make sure your hair and skin reflect the look you are going for.
  4. The “average Joe” look can be had from a thrift store, just remember to find out what is “average” for the area you are in…college students/dock workers/factory workers/preppy upscale area, etc.
  5. A tactical look has its uses. Of course you don’t want to look like Rambo in a place where this would draw an undue amount of attention but in certain areas, this look can be perfectly acceptable. Thrift stores near military bases usually have oodles of this type of gear.
  6. Check out your local Goodwill and see what kind of “uniforms” are available. At my local Goodwill store I’ve seen everything from Dominos Pizza uniforms to UPS uniforms to showgirl costumes (this in Vegas after all…).
  7. Need to get into a medical facility? Scrubs and even stethoscopes are generally available at most Goodwills. You can also find lab coats there; pick a longer lab coat, not the shorter ones.
  8. Your average Goodwill will also have a nice supply of actual costumes which can range from wedding attire and ballgowns to vampire costumes and police officer costumes. Choose according to your possible missions.
  9. Clothing and accoutrements to change your gender can also be useful, depending on the situation. While cross-dressing is not as uncommon as it used to be, if you can pull off a good switcheroo when it comes to changing your gender via clothing, hair, and makeup, go for it.
  10. Don’t forget to pick up things that can instantly change your look–eyeglasses, sunglasses, reversible jackets, a selection of hats, neck gaiters, make up, etc.